23 6 / 2013

Today, Nick and I walked from our apartment in downtown to LACMA and back. It was a little over 14 miles roundtrip. I think in my mind I hadn’t expected that we would also walk back, but then we just did. 

As we got back into our neighborhood, feet achy and legs tired, I told Nick that I was really grateful that our bodies and our health let us do that. Just leave the apartment, eat a breakfast burrito, and walk 14 miles without really thinking about it or planning for (nb: should have planned comfier shoes). He agreed.

I feel compelled to make fun of people that use the word #blessed because it sounds so crunchy granola rosecolored BS, but then, we kind of are, aren’t we?

  1. betheboy said: Nice work, on the walk and the breakfast burrito.
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