06 9 / 2011

talkofshame said: okay, i need to know (because i'm relatively ~new to LA and this is a high priority on the Need To Know list): where are the good places to get bottomless mimosa brunch??

First let me say that I wrote a completely bitchin’ response to this question that got eaten up by the internet but I will do my BEST to recreate it.

I should not ever be allowed to have mimosas.  They make me tipsy, flirty and usually sick.  Champagne is like poison to me.  Sexy, bubbly, delicious, glamorous poison.  And yet, I have had a number of mimosa brunch experiences that I will share with you, dear lady, since you ventured to ask:

1. Rockwell in Los Feliz: This was my most recent bottomless mimosas experiences after which I declared that in the future, “the mimosas will have bottoms”.  Still the brunch itself was lovely and they bring the mimosas in a carafe which I like.  Plus, you get to sit outside and we all know getting drunk outside is the bee’s knees.


2. J Lounge in downtown: I guess when they’re not serving endless champagne to fuckups like me this place is a nightclub which is kind of weird.  The brunch menu itself is pretty sparse but the food was decent.  They kept the (admittedly pretty weak) mimosas coming but the best part was they’re wicked cheap like $7 or something.  Maybe $11.  Hell, I don’t know, I didn’t pay for them but they were totes cheap.  And it turns out it’s pretty fun to walk around downtown LA after a bunch of mimosas.  Bring your sunglasses.


3. Café Wa s in Hollywood: My trip to Café Wa s ranks as my best mimosa experience.  It was a couple years ago so I don’t know if the ambiance remains the same but when I went, it was great.  The interior is kind of opulent, burlesque-y with a ROTATING PIANO in the middle.  I went with a friend from high school, we ate brunch, got the mimosas, the food was definitely good, the mimosas definitely strong, the service surprisingly good (I always find that I get better service when I’m with other girls).  The best part though was when we were done eating the server was like “Oh, would you like to continue your mimosas on the patio?” which is a really dumb question because OF COURSE.  We sat out there for like a few hours and drank like plenty of mimosas and no one gave us the stink eye or seemed irritated that we were just playing cards and drinking champagne.  And after that we went to Forever XXI and drunk shopped for accessories.  So yeah, that place is recommended.


Hope this helps.  I don’t take responsibility for your drunk purchases or champagne hangover.



  1. talkofshame said: BEAUTIFUL. thank you x1000000!
  2. betheboy said: With all due respect, the correct answer is wait for my wife to have a party and get invited to it as it is ridiculous with the food and mimosas.
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