09 7 / 2011

You know what’s really great? I drank a bottle of wine alone in my apartment last night but it wasn’t lonely or sad at all. It was actually less lonely than many nights that I’ve gone out to bars cause all of you hot, awesome, funny people were with me. It was genuinely fun and not to sound corny as hell but I felt connected to people in a real way.

I want to marry the Internet and let it make me happy for the rest of my life cause I know it would.  Internet, you’re The One.

I didn’t do anything on my list from last night, but that’s fine because I forgot about facebook chat.

Also, thanks to Liz for forcing me to google the acronym in the title of this post.

Let’s do this again real soon.


09 7 / 2011


too hip for the crowd

Oh.  I get it now.  Shit.